Cloud-based applications

The ROI of distributed computing.
Real-time interactive applications rely on cloud infrastructure to provide responsiveness and unmatched QoS. With such high requirements, your development team needs to understand not only the finer details of the software stack, but also the implications from the underlying hardware and networking infrastructure.

One of the objectives of our custom development service is to offload your team from the low end programming tasks to allow you to focus on the design of your services.

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Turnkey outsourcing

No-non sense custom development services
You've heard about it before: unmanaged outsourced development teams can hinder a project more than it can help. Our agile development approach ensures constant communications between our developers and you. The result is a series of short term, efficient, multi-parted development session that are well defined and based on actual requirements.

Find out more about our services before you spend too much time performing those tasks in-house.
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Web based data access

With mobile devices becoming omnipresent, accessing data from the cloud becomes critical for rapid decision making.
Tools such as javascript, nodeJS, python, and Ruby are the corner stone of a scalable distributed application. Our experts can help plan, design and develop your project to optimize time and resources.

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Our expertise includes the following tools and platforms:

    Dojo, ExtJS, jQuery
    ...And many more!

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