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In this world of tight deadlines and limited resources, you need a partner who can hit the ground running. At Glimpse Designs, whether you need help to define, architect, develop, test or even to deploy your projects (or perhaps all of the above), we will work closely with your team to make things happen on your terms, and according to your needs.
Proven track record Whether you need help for a GIS project, a custom piece of software or to design the next killer app, our team has expertise with multiple platforms, multiple environments and different software development iteration models.
Contact us for a free estimate No two projects are the same, and we will work with you to find a pricing model that works. Tell us a bit about your projects and we will customize a quote that matches your needs.
Mobile applications
With the number of connected devices expected to reach 10 billions (yes, that's billion with a "B") by 2020, tapping into the mobile market is critical to ensure the survival of your business applications.

Recent projects

Some of the work we have recently undertaken includes
the following. Contact us to find out how these give us an edge in helping you complete your project.

Company News

We are releasing the first version of the verTweets platform
Contact us to find out more
GIS expertise
We are proud to announce that our team of GIS experts is now complete! Contact us to find out how we can kick start your mapping project!

Recent Posts

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